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Login to order Fill-in your username and password up on the right in order to login into the website. If you don’t have a registration, make one here.

Select address After login you must select the address at which you want us to deliver your order. Select from the addresses you already have added, or create a new one.

Browse the menu Review our categories and decide what you want.

Add the selected products to Cart To add a product to your cart, click on “order” next to it. If you want to order 2 or more of a product, correct the number next to the product from “1” to the desired number and then click “order”.

After you select a product, it will be automatically added to your Cart and at the top right corner of your screen you will see the sum of your current order.

Finalize your order To finalize your order, at the top right corner click on the button “preview and order”. You will see all ordered products, price of delivery, the total sum as well as your selected address where we will deliver the order.

Click on the “order” button to send your online order to our staff.

Keep track of your order You can view the status of your order live. After you finalize your order, click on the “view order status” button. At every stage of preparation and delivery the dispatcher will change the status of your online order to one of the following:
- Received – your order is received and is being processed by our staff.
- In preparation – we are preparing your order.
- Sent – your order is sent and is coming to your address.

Accept your order at the selected address Your KFC online order will be delivered to the address selected by you.
Standard delivery time is 40 minutes. At the top right corner of the screen there is a clock next to which we show the delivery time in the moment of your ordering. In the rush hours the delivery time might reach 60 minutes, for which we apologize in advance!

Delivery We deliver between 11:00 and 22:00 every day of the week.

The standard delivery time is 40 minutes. It is possible that in rush hours delivery time reaches 60 minutes.

In the top right corner of the screen there is information about time for delivery at the moment of your ordering: Offline – we are currently not taking orders.
Online / Delivery to 40 min – we are currently taking orders and delivering to 40 minutes.
Online / Rush hour – we are currently taking orders and delivering to 60 minutes

Payments Payment is done at delivery of your order. You will receive a receipt. We offer 2 payment methods:

1) Cash – you pay directly to the delivery guy.
2) With credit / debit card – before finalizing your order choose “Payment: with card” and we will provide a mobile POS for you.

Cards accepted: VISA, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, Borica
Cards NOT accepted: American Express, Diners Club, Discover

If you have any questions Don’t hesitate to call us at 0700 14 14 0