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ROCKER BUCKET FOR TWO + 1l Pepsi 12 hot wings, 2pcs. rocker sandwich, 2pcs. regular fries + 1l Pepsi free

от 19.95 лв.

CHEDDAR WRAPPER BOX Cheddar Wrapper, 2 hot wings, big fries, small corn

от 18.40 лв.

BARBECUE WRAPPER BOX Barbecue Wrapper, 2 hot wings, big fries, small corn

от 17.40 лв.

CHEDDAR WRAPPER MEAL Cheddar Wrapper, big fries, beverage 500 ml

от 16.40 лв.

BARBECUE WRAPPER MEAL Barbecue Wrapper, big fries, beverage 500 ml

от 15.40 лв.

CHEDDAR WRAPPER Zinger or Filet meat, 2 sauces ( meat and BBQ sauce), crispy onion, fried bacon and cheddar patty baked together in tortilla.

от 12.50 лв.

BARBECUE WRAPPER 2 sauces ( meat and BBQ sauce), pickles, crispy bacon, fried onion and a slice of cheese and even some fries. All baked together in tortilla.

от 11.50 лв.

Currently not delivering to Briz, Aksakovo, Vinitsa, Trakata and Asparuhovo.

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