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These General Terms for online orders through the website KFC VARNA settle the order, manner and conditions for the purchase and sale of products offered on – - a website owned by AmRest LTD.

These General Terms regulate the terms and conditions for conclusion of a contract of purchase and sale between KFC Varna and theUsers. KFC Varna provides users with the opportunity to buy online the offered on the website located at dishes and products by sending a request, and a following payment of the purchase price, in compliance with these Terms.

A User can make valid requests for delivery of dishes and products offered on the site after registration and consent to these Terms, which is considered as binding with these Terms and acceptance to follow them. KFC Varna reserves the right to change these General Terms and shall promptly publish them on this website

The dishes and products offered by KFC Varna are food. Each of these products is described by its main features and selling price.

User / customer is a person who has made a registration on and has agreed with the General Terms. KFC Varna reserves the right to refuse service to users / customers who do not comply with these Terms.

REGISTRATION includes providing information - full name, telephone and address entered by the user upon registration and stored by KFC Varna for service purposes only. Users can at any time edit the information entered during registration, and change their password for access. Users guarantee that the information provided at registration is accurate and complete. If the user provides false or outdated information, KFC Varna may terminate their registration. It is responsibility of Users to protect their password as well as for all actions performed by them or by a third party using their registration.

Consent to the General Terms - By checking "I agree with the General Terms of KFC", Users make an electronic statement, which declares that they are familiar with the Terms, accept them and undertake to comply with them.

Order a dish or product from the site of KFC Varna is created through the following actions: selection of products and their quantity, as well as entry/selection of delivery data. An online order of dishes and products from is considered to have occurred after pressing the "Order" button in the "Preview order" page, which is accessed from the "Preview and order" button in the upper right corner of the screen.

Ordering is accepted by KFC Varna in the moment the User clicks on the "Order" button in the "Preview order " page and then sees a page with the following text: "Your order is successfully sent" followed by basic information about the order – total sum and delivery address.
When a User sends their first order through the website, it is possible that a dispatcher contacts the User to the given phone number to confirm the order and the address of delivery.

All dishes and products of KFC Varna are delivered properly packed according to their type.

The delivered orders are transmitted to the User or third party, who accepts and confirms the receipt of the order on behalf of the User. If the User is not found at the given address or they do not provide access and conditions for the order do be delivered, KFC Varna is released from its obligation to deliver the order.

All prices of dishes and products in the website of KFC Varna are in Bulgarian leva (BGN), VAT included. Prices of dishes and products do not include delivery costs.

The total sum of the order consists of the sum of the prices of the ordered dishes and products, plus the sum of delivery. The sum of delivery is 2.99 BGN (3.99 BGN for night deliveries between 22:00 and 22:00), VAT included, for all regions of the city of Varna, listed in the Registration form or the “Add new address” page. KFC Varna does not deliver to all regions of Varna, it delivers only to those regions listed in the two form described above. The User is obliged to pay the total sum of the order at the time of its delivery.

The User has the right to refuse acceptance of the order and its payment in the event that the integrity of the packaging of the ordered dishes and products is damaged, or the dishes and products, their quality or quantity is not the same as ordered by the User and this can be determined by a routine examination.

KFC Varna is obliged to execute the orders sent by Users, with quality and in the announced on the pages of delivery time at the moment of ordering. KFC Varna is obliged to deliver the ordered dishes and products with the same quality and quantity as the ones showed on the website of KFC Varna and ordered by the Users.

KFC Varna takes care that the information in will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or free of errors, as mush as this is beyond the capacity, control and will of KFC Varna.

KFC Varna is not responsible for failure to provide access to, or for the unprocessing or late processing of the submitted by Users online orders in the event of circumstances beyond the control of KFC Varna and its staff members - cases of force majeure, fortuitous events, problems in the Internet and provision of services beyond the control of KFC Varna.

User shall indemnify KFC Varna for all damages and expenses which occurred in relation to failure to fulfill their obligations under these General Terms. Users shall also indemnify KFC Varna for any damage caused by a third party who was willfully provided with their password and used it to cause this damage.

For all matters not settled hereof, provisions of the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria are applied.